31 October 2016

Salted Egg Yolk Custard Mochi (Yay #threeredbowls!)

Two Red Bowls is about to become Three Red Bowls! Yay! Cynthia of Two Red Bowls is one of those people that I always throw in the #GOALS category. Not only is she a blogger with amazing styling and photography skills, she is also a lawyer. Say what?! I can barely keep my act together with my job and this blog that I try to update "regularly." I do not know how she finds the time to do it all. Her recipes always look and sound so mighty delicious (she won a Saveur Blog Award for Most Delicious Food!!) and I'm still marvelling at those black sesame rolls with coffee-milk tea glaze.

I first stumbled upon TRB when I was looking for a mochi recipe. When I was younger I use to make mochi with my mom all the time. It was one of those mother-daughter Saturday night things. Traditionally, mochi balls are stuffed with things like red bean paste, sesame, or peanut butter. As a kid, I hated any mochi with a filling. It was hard to find plain mochi, so my mom and I always made our own. I guess I was kind of a picky eater when I was younger. We would still make a half batch of peanut mochi for my dad though. As I grew up, my palate also grew up (just a little). I now like filled mochi balls, but will still crave plain mochi from time to time. 

My mom always eyeballed the ingredients and was not able to give me an exact recipe for mochi. After some (barely any) googling, I found Cynthia's recipe for rosewater mochi. She cut out the mochi into cute little heart shapes and it made my heart go pitter-patter just a tad quicker. I made the recipe that same night and loved it.

When I first received Steph's email about this virtual baby shower, I was stumped as to what to make. I usually make cakes and pie...so I had not idea how to put those things inside a bowl. Then it occurred to me that it is only appropriate to make something that led me to stumble upon Cynthia's blog. To celebrate Two Red Bowls becoming Three Red Bowls, I made little mochi balls. Not filled with the traditional bean pastes or peanut butter, but a salted egg yolk custard. Salted egg yolk custard steamed buns are my favourite things to order at dim sum, so I decided to make that filling for these mochi balls. To those of you who have never had this custard, I promise you that it is out of this world. It is sweet, a bit salty, creamy, and rich. It's hard to describe what it tastes like but once you have had a taste, you will know why it is my favourite.

Congrats Bowl #1 (Cynthia) and Bowl #2 (her husband!) on your Bowl 3 (bb)!

Salted Egg Yolk Custard Mochi
Yields 8-10 mochi balls

Salted Egg Yolk Custard
4 salted duck eggs, fully cooked (yolk only)
1/4 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
6 tablespoons icing sugar
6 tablespoons custard powder
2 teaspoon cornstarch
30ml full-fat coconut milk

Mochi Wrappers
Adapted from Two Red Bowls
1/2 cup sweet rice (mochiko) flour 
2 tablespoon white granulated sugar
1/2 cup water
4 tablespoon cornstarch, for dusting
Optional: Add 1/3 teaspoon matcha powder for matcha mochi wrappers

Salted Egg Yolk Custard
Using a fork, mash the salted duck egg yolks into fine crumbs. 

Using a spoon mix in butter. 

Sift in icing sugar, custard powder, and cornstarch. Mix until well-combined.

Add in the coconut milk, a little at a time.

Refrigerate the custard filling until cold and firm. When firm, use a small ice cream scoop to scoop out and divide the custard into 12 portions.  Place the custard balls on a plate and freeze for 15 minutes until firm. (PS. Any extra filling not used for the mochi is amazing when spread on toast.)

Mochi Wrappers
Sift together mochiko flour and sugar in a medium sized bowl. Pour in the water and stir until combined. 

On medium heat, steam mixture for 10 - 15 minutes until dough comes together. Half way through cooking, stir with oiled rubber spatula and cover to finish cooking. The colour of mochi should change from white to almost translucent.

Wait for mixture to cool for 15 minutes before handling mochi. Cover the work surface with parchment paper and dust it generously with cornstarch. Transfer the cooked mochi to surface. Sprinkle more potato starch on top of the mochi. 

Using a rolling pin, roll out the mochi to a thin sheet, roughly a 6 x 6 square. Using a circular cookie cutter, cut out 8 - 10 rounds.

Place a chilled custard ball at the centre of the mochi wrapper. Pinch the four corners of the mochi layer together to cover the custard. Pinch the remaining corners together. 

Roll mochi ball in palms to thoroughly seal and close the mochi opening. Dust with extra cornstarch and set aside, covered. Repeat untill all wrappers are used up.

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  1. best custard filling idea ever. i've only filled mochi balls with red bean before, but it sounds like it's time to expand my mochi horizons!!

  2. Amy! I love this idea, you clever gal!

  3. damn this looks so f*cking good!!! i LOVE salted egg yolk custard and i am crushing hard! #goals no #fakelove here!


  4. YOU MADE HOMEMADE MOCHI? Props girl... props.

  5. I just wanna say that this is such a WONDERFULLY TOUCHING & HEART-WARMING creative idea & gesture ! This is going to make the parents of 'B3' so HAPPY ! It’s stuff like this that encourages me to continue blogging (even though I often feel like saying, “yeah, that’s enough, time to stop …”). Yet I soldier on. And yeah, oh how I wish-wish-wished I could have been part of this magical sharing moment too !!! Great job, take care & nice meeting you … georgie @ www.icookstuff.com :)

  6. Salted egg yolk custard is my FAVORITE. I think I could just eat it plain all day long -- that last shot of its gooey molten glory is heaven. Thank you so much for such kind words and for being a part of this, Amy!!! I'm so happy to have gotten to know you through the blogosphere and to see all the beautiful creations you make.

  7. Hi

    Just stumbled onto your blog. Very interesting recipe. I have a question: you listed coconut milk in the ingredients for the custard, but I do not see it being used. Perhaps I missed the step?



    1. Ah! Thank you for catching that! I forgot to add in the step in the recipe. It has been fixed now :)

    2. Thanks for clarifying it. Could cooking cream be used as a substitute for coconut milk?

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  10. Where did you find the fully cooked salted duck egg?

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