I love exploring new cities as much as I love baking and decorating the perfect cake. I love traveling alone as much I enjoy traveling with the company of others. I love revisiting places that I know well and falling in love again with old favourites as much as I love exploring a completely new one. When I'm in a different city, I like to wake up before the majority of the city does to do some exploring on my own. There is just something so enchanting about surreptitiously submerging yourself into the unbroken tranquility of a foreign place. I love teasing beauty out of every path taken and finding a sense of home away from home. When I am traveling, you will most likely find me at some coffeeshop, macchiato in hand, asking the baristas about their favourite things to do and eat in the city - to me, there is no better way to discover hidden gems a city has to offer than to ask the people who know it best. I chose the word wander because I like the aimless nature of it; I believe that sometimes you do find the most beauty in the most unexpected places and unpremeditated ways. 

This is definitely a project that is a work in progress and I will be adding to it whenever the travel opportunities arise. I get asked fairly often what are my favourite spots in Vancouver, and I hope that this will soon serve as a good glimpse into where I usually spend my time in this wonderful west coast city and wherever else I'm fall hopelessly in love with.

Wandering Vancouver

Wandering Victoria



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