Blooms and Baking Cookbook

I cannot believe I am saying this but I made a book and it comes out on April 28, 2020!

About two years ago, my publisher reached out about making a cookbook, one that is an extension of my blog. After several several meetings and brainstorming sessions (Do we want to make a cookie book? How about a cake decorating book? Should we divide the book chapters up based on seasons? How about a floral theme?), I dedicated every weeknight and weekend outside of my day job to write about flowers, cakes, and the magic of butter and sugar. Creating a cookbook is terrifying because there is always self doubt that lingers in the back of my mind. That self-doubt subsided temporarily when I bit into the lavender mocha cookies and lemon elderflower ricotta cupcakes I made for the book. I developed, tested, re-tested (many times), and wrote down everything I made in the last two years for this book. I poured my heart into Blooms and Baking and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Blooms and Baking is filled with recipes and decorating tutorials inspired by one of my favourite things in the world — flowers. You can expect to find recipes like Jasmine and Honey Éclairs, Chocolate Bundt Cake with Orange Blossom Ganache, Peach Galette with Lavender Whipped Cream, and Cherry Blossom Sablés. In additional to floral recipes, there is a large chapter on decorating with fresh flowers and creating buttercream flowers. Every recipe is accompanied by at least a photo (most of the recipes have several) and each tutorial features many step-by-step photos so you can create the perfect ruffled peony and ranunculus from silky buttercream. Each recipe and tutorial makes my heart feel like its in full bloom and I hope it makes you fall more in love with flowers as well.

Thank you so much for following along on this baking journey. This blog and this upcoming book would not exist without each and everyone of you. This book is as much mine as it is yours. I am forever grateful. 

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Lots of love and flowers,


  1. YAY!!!!! I am so proud of the insane amount of work, love, and attention to detail that went into this book. I cannot wait to read through it a million times!! ♡♡

  2. This is EVERYTHING!! Congrats Amy!



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