17 August 2019

Honeycomb Lemon Almond Cake

When it comes to cake decorating, I do not use too many piping bags fitted with open-star piping tips, I rarely use sprinkles (unless its inside the cake layers for funfetti) to decorate, and I definitely do not have hands that are steady enough to execute insanely straight striped buttercream for the sides of a cake. That does not mean I do not have an appreciation for that type of cake decorating. In fact, I really admire bakers like Rachel and Brittany, who always have the cleanest edges on a cake, the most beautiful rosettes of buttercream, and the most perfectly placed sprinkles. The type of cake decorating I am most comfortable with is when you give me a big bowl of vanilla buttercream and a small bouquet of seasonal fresh flowers. If I am feeling fancy, I might ask you for some gold leaf. 

From time to time, I do like to challenge myself and use decorating techniques that I am not too familiar with. Recently, Food Network Canada asked me if I could make a cake for their website that highlights the technique of using bubble wrap to create chocolate honeycomb. The pitch was for a cake that was entirely covered in honeycombed chocolate but I decided that little cut outs of honeycomb chocolate would be much easier (and less intimidating!) for any home baker. I got these cute hexagon cookie cutters for the chocolate to play on the honeycomb theme. Alternatively, you could just break the chocolate into shards and place those on the sides the top of the cake. I used the leftover chocolate from the honeycomb to make little chocolate bees for the top of the cake. This technique can be applied to any cake of your choice but is especially fitting for a tender lemon almond cake with honey cream cheese frosting. Click here to find the full recipe and tutorial!

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Happy baking!

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