8 October 2017

Pumpkin Pecan-Hazelnut Pie Bars

Pumpkin pie. The debut of a pumpkin pie recipe means I have committed to fall right? It means that I cannot go back to rhubarb and sweet summer berries until next summer? This could have easily been a pumpkin pie recipe. It could have been a full 10-inch pie with a rustic crimp edge or braided lattice but I chose not to. I chose to make them pumpkin pie bars because it sounds much less committal than an entire pie. Bars are easy. They are portable, they are a great snack, and they feel less like an ordeal than a whole pie. I will also feel less guilty finishing off a few bars than an entire pie myself. 

I never had pumpkin pie growing up. The first bite of pumpkin pie I had was when I was 16, working in a grocery store as a cashier. The grocery store's employees' lounge was always filled with day old baked goods that was leftover from the day before. Day old apple strudels and Nanaimo bars always made an appearance. When fall came around, there were pies. Apple pies and pumpkin pies. I decided my first bite of pumpkin pie would be a day-old grocery store pumpkin pie, retail price probably around $4.99. I took a small sliver from the aluminum tray of "real butter" crust pumpkin pie. Hm. It was okay. I did not love it but I did not hate it. After that first bite of pumpkin pie I have had many more slices of pumpkin pie. Not necessarily of the $4.99 day-old variety but more of the worth-your-calories variety. I think the reason why I was never keen on pumpkin pie (besides the fact I dislike fall) is because I never really liked the texture, or lack there of. So if I were to make pumpkin pie myself, it would be a texture bomb. A rich buttery shortbread crust, classic pumpkin pie filling, topped with the most textural pecan and hazelnut streusel. It is nutty, it is creamy, it is fall in the way I will accept it the most. These bars are extremely easy to make and you can whip up a batch real quick, just in time for your Thanksgiving dinner. Cut them up into squares or even triangles and serve à la mode.

The recipe for these Pumpkin Pecan-Hazelnut Pie Bars can be found over on Food Network Canada and are perfect for Thanksgiving.

Happy baking and Thanksgiving!

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  1. These pie bars look so tasty that I’ve started craving them already, it is really nice of you that you actually posted your own images for the procedure of this.



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