15 September 2016

For the time being...

Thank you so much for all the love on the last post! I am falling just a tad behind on this whole blogging regularly thing. I have baked many things (!!) and taken a few set of photos for the blog in the last few weeks but have not gotten the chance to edit all of them - so please excuse me as I go slave away on those. I promise I will have something new soon. You can expect a pistachio cake, two different pies, an autumnal loaf, and a grapefruit tart in the very near future! This actually makes me very happy because I've never been so "ahead" in the baking and blogging game. I usually do all this week by week...but for the first time ever I have ready-ish content for the upcoming weeks. Yay! 

For the time being, you can look at even more photos from the orchard collaboration with Kelsey - we took some photos of our coffee date before styling and shooting cakes and pies on the apple farm. It is not that often you will see me sauntering on a farm (what is nature?), so Victor, Kelsey, and I took full advantage of that and documented it through a million photos.We also had a lot of fun with Victor's tripod and timer setting on his camera. PS, there is also a cute little gif (umm, is that pronounced as "geh-if" or "jiff"?) at the end! See you soon : )

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all of you who celebrate it! I hope you get all the moon cakes (with double yolks, of course)!

Photography & Editing || Victor Yuen
Kelsey's Blog || The Farmer's Daughter


  1. that last gif! dancing + cake = best pairing ever.

  2. this made me laugh. and miss you more <3 <3 squad come back to me!

  3. Best post. Amazing preparations, amazing outfits, beautiful decor. Everything is just so perfect. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us.



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