10 April 2015

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches (Behind the Scenes + Styling)

As I promised, here is the second part of the ice cream sandwich shoot! If you missed the first part of this ice cream sandwich project and would like the recipes for the funfetti and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, you can find the link here. If you are here to take a sneak peek of the behind-the-scenes dealio of what went down that day, you are in the right place.
I met Lucy before we decided to collaborate on this project together. We met through Instagram and shared a crepe and some Earnest Ice Cream at our favourite neighbourhood cafe quite a while back. Roughly a month or two ago, Lucy suggested that we work on a shoot together, where Victor and I can do our usual thing and she will go ahead and do the styling for the shoot. I have never had anyone style me before, so this was a whole new (fun!) experience.
Lucy got in contact with a few jewellery designers and an online high quality consignment shop to pull a few looks for me. The jewellery Lucy brought that day were dainty little pieces that she thought matched my personal style. She knew exactly what kind of jewellery I like, despite only meeting me a few times. She also got this beaaaautiful blue dress which I know I could live in forever. 
Lucy even managed to get Earnest Ice Cream to agree to provide all the ice cream we needed that day to make the lovely ice cream sandwiches. We had quite a hard time choosing which flavours we wanted for the cookie sandwiches, because let's be honest, all the Earnest flavours are to die for. We went with my favourites whiskey hazelnut and a classic, the Tahitian vanilla. 
Having Lucy change my outfits and jewellery in between shots was something I had to get use to, but something I did not mind at all. Working with both Victor and Lucy was a lot of fun. We spent an entire afternoon playing with dresses, bracelets, rings, and ice cream - what more could I ask for? 

I hope you enjoyed the ice cream sandwiches if you got a chance to make them already, the lovely photos Victor took of them, and this set of behind-the-scenes photos as well. I also threw in some tripod selfies at the end here. They are my favourite. 

Photography & Editing || Victor Yuen
Styling & Clothing || Lucy Yun, Closet Crows
Jewellery || Foe & Dear, C for Charlotte, Sarah Mulder Jewelry
Ice Cream || Earnest Ice Cream

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